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Keragel® has demonstrated faster epithelialization rates and more robust skin after healing in numerous clinical studies. In vitro studies have shown that Replicine™ Functional Keratin® increases the rates of proliferation and migration of keratinocyte cells (which play a key role in epithelialization) and that the migrating keratinocytes express increased levels of collagen 4 and collagen 7 which are critical for basal membrane integrity.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Keragel is a topical gel enriched with pharmaceutical grade keratin protein that delivers Replicine™ Bioactive Keratin directly to the wound while maintaining a moisture rich environment.

Replicine™ Bioactive Keratin is derived from a proprietary manufacturing process that carefully extracts keratin protein from sheep’s wool, fully intact. By maintaining the form and function of the protein, as well as its bioactivity – the main factor needed for healing, this technology controls the molecule, creating a versatile biopolymer material that can be formed into a liquid gel or solid.


  1. Cleanse and debride the wound in accordance with normal procedures.
  2. Ensure that the skin surrounding the wound is dry.
  3. To open the tube, use the piercer cap to break the nozzle seal. To ensure sterility, sanitize the piercer cap before use.
  4. Apply a 3mm to 6mm (1/8inch to 1/4inch “thickness of a dime”) layer of Keragel® to cover the entire wound surface.
  5. Cover with an appropriate secondary dressing if needed.


The wound should be inspected daily or as indicated by a physician. For wounds that appear dry, more gel should be applied to the area

Wounds should be inspected daily and Keragel should be applied as indicated by a physician. For wounds that appear dry, more gel may be needed to be applied to the area.

You can obtain a refill for Keragel either by calling Diamond Pharmacy Services or by following the instructions on your Diamond Pharmacy Services prescription label.

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Patients suffering from ulcers and chronic wounds saw a reduction in healing time when Keragel® was applied regularly.


Keragel® is a gel product that can easily be applied at home by the patient or care giver.


Patients saw a reduction in scarring, lower infection rates and less risk of wounds re-opening with Keragel® treatment.

Let the healing process begin