Do you have a wound that just won’t heal?

Introducing our innovative keratin healing solution Keragel™

Use at home

Gel products that are safe and easy to apply at home.

Naturally-derived keratin

Keratin proteins derived from New Zealand sheep wool.

Virtual telemedicine

Receive wound care and prescription assistance on your computer or smartphone.

Delivered right to your door

Medications are shipped directly to you with easy-to-follow application instructions.

skin & Wound Care Solutions

Efficient and effective at-home solution to manage and treat advanced and chronic wounds.

Keragel® is a thick hydrogel rich in keratin protein that delivers Replicine™ Functional Keratin® to the wound while maintaining a moisture rich environment.

KeragelT® is a keratin enriched gel that can be used in the regular management of acute and chronic wounds of people caused by conditions similar to epidermolysis bullosa.

Let the healing process begin